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Comprehensive Wealth Management

In today’s evolving world, there are many roadblocks on the path to creating wealth. Your ability to navigate these challenges will determine your ability to accomplish your life’s goals and dreams. By partnering with an experienced investment advisor, attorney, and CPA, you and your financial team can chart the course to your continued success.

At Franklin Wealth Management, we apply a comprehensive approach to planning that addresses four foundational elements of your financial wellness:

Creating and Growing Your Wealth

While ensuring your investments are aligned with your goals, we discuss your life insurance strategies to protect you and your loved ones in the event of unexpected tragedy. We will also review your income tax situation to safeguard your wealth and avoid any unnecessary taxes on investment income and capital gains.

Protecting and Preserving Your Wealth

In addition to growing your wealth, we will integrate your overall investment portfolio to make sure asset allocation and diversification is tailored to your unique objectives. We will then extend our analysis of your insurance program to include cost-effective Disability, Long-Term Care, and Liability strategies. Through partnering with a licensed tax professional, we will optimize your tax sensitivity with your investment plan.  

Planning for the Tax-Advantaged Distribution of Your Wealth During Life

The transferring of your wealth demands truly comprehensive attention. While discussing your qualified retirement plan or IRA distribution plan, our analysis incorporates your incentive stock options and the vesting schedule used to maximize their value. If you own a business, we will review your firm's succession plan and bring in expert advisors and private foundations to provide cutting-edge insights.

This process also includes identifying your durable power of attorney or successor trustee, gifting to children and descendants, college savings plans, charitable giving efforts and more.

Planning for the Tax-Advantaged Distribution of Your Wealth At Death

Our focused approach to legacy planning strives to advance your wealth and your values. Through discussing the tilting of assets and selecting Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship, we will also identify your executor (or trustee) and eliminate any gaps in continuity.

Our team will discuss your plan to distribute wealth at death to your spouse and descendants, along with your charitable inclinations for both tax efficiency and control issues.