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At Franklin Wealth Management, we understand the complexity of the financial world. Sustainable financial success requires more careful attention than quick-fixes and cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why we work with individuals who appreciate the value of financial coaching and a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Client enthusiasm and discipline in conjunction with our expertise make for a truly dynamic combination.

From helping individual investors and business owners to retirees and more, we specialize in integrating every area of your financial life. Whatever you may hope to achieve, our 21-point planning checklist is designed to ensure your plan works in unison so you can stay focused on what matters most.


The heart of our practice is dedicated to constructing and managing investment portfolios. As the primary advantage of our firm, our investment management strategies incorporate analytical processes to fully understand client priorities. From identifying short and long-term objectives, to assessing resources and your level of risk tolerance, we strive to first gain a deep appreciation for every aspect of your situation before offering our recommendations. As markets shift and your personal needs change, our customized strategies are built to evolve.

Risk Management

Growing your wealth is a priority, but protecting and preserving your assets is equally important. Wherever you are in life’s journey, it’s crucial to understand the ramifications of sudden changes and ensure the continued protection of you and your loved ones. From life and disability, to long-term care and liability insurance, our team will analyze multiple areas of risk to ensure you have the proper coverage and asset protection structures in place.

Retirement Strategies

After a lifetime of work, it’s time you enjoy what you worked so hard to achieve. As your strategic partner, we strive to simplify the retirement process so you can prepare with confidence. In addition to creating and implementing custom retirement plans, we will monitor them as your needs evolve. Whether you’re just starting your career or are getting ready to leave the workforce, we will help you plan for your vision of retirement.

Estate Planning

Truly comprehensive planning exceeds retirement and the transferring of wealth. At Franklin Wealth Management, we offer custom solutions that establish a financial tradition across generations. Our approach to estate planning strives to achieve three goals: to control and direct assets according to your wishes; to reduce taxes paid by you and your heirs; to minimize all expenses, delay, and any potential legal problems. As your fiduciary, we always act in your best interests as we promote your continued success from generation to generation.

Cash Management

Your ability to create wealth depends upon your ability to effectively manage your money. By reviewing your monthly expenses and optimizing your cash flow, we can suggest custom plans that help reduce your debt. As with being prepared for future one-time costs like repairing a roof or buying a car, anticipating your tax exemptions is also key to growing your wealth. We strive to help you build a stronger foundation and empower you throughout your financial life.

Tax Planning

You worked hard to get here and your financial plan must be equally effective in preserving what you’ve built. Through each of our tax strategies, our primary objective is to maximize the mileage of your hard-earned dollars. At Franklin Wealth Management, we specialize in providing three time-tested solutions for tax-favored investing, from tax exempt and tax deferred, to tax-advantaged strategies. Based on your financial situation and goals, we will help you determine and implement the most effective plans.

ProEquities provides financial products and services, and does not provide or supervise tax or accounting services. Advisors may provide tax, accounting, or other services through their independent outside business, but these services are separate and apart from ProEquities.